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PC Configuration and Computer Removing and Replacing


We can quickly configure a custom computer for your needs.

In some cases you may need some some simple R&R (repair & replacements)

We have a team of reliable technicians with recognized certifications and over 20 years of experience.


Once we configure your PC we can assist your needs remotely anytime you give us a call or email.

Remote Assistance services gives you peace of mind. We provide the satisfaction that your PC keeps it self virus free and the OS is up to date.

To request a quote call us 1-888-563-7910

Below is a lists the most important hardware components of any computer.

Look at the pictures we provided to help you identifying
a computer system.


(The Mainboard) - bottom piece of any computer.

PROCESSOR (The Brain) that manages the data traffic inside the computer.

RAM is (The Memory) we recommend and install RAM modules to upgrade your computers speed and performance.

HARD DISK (The Data Drive) that hardware piece inside the computer.
Holding all your programs, pictures, music, video and files.
The types of interfaces are IDE PATA USB SATA FC





You can always contact us if you have questions or need any assistance.


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